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Extend the life of your kitchen through careful maintenance and use. It is best to keep condensation and steam inside rather than outside the dishwasher. It does useful work inside, after all, and outside it can damage your kitchen. You should leave the dishwasher closed for an hour after the cycle is done. Below, you will find a few more tips that will keep your Bribus kitchen easy and enjoyable to use for a long time to come.

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Adress it right away

Prevent accumulations and rings by not leaving any moisture behind on the countertop. Immediately wipe with a soft towel. Do not place kettles below the upper cabinets to prevent any extensive exposure to steam. Over time, steam can result in the development of mold spores on the upper cabinets.

A little effort

Prevents any damage

Do not place a hot pan on your countertop. Always use a trivet or mat to prevent damage to the countertop. Using these items is also recommended for extending the product lifetime of your pans.

Prevent scratches

Use a cutting board

Prevent scratches on the countertop by always using a cutting board when you slice ingredients. Scratch resistance varies by countertop type.

Avoid scratches

Pick up your pans

Do not slide or rotate pans on your countertop. This can damage both the countertop and your pans.


With care

Do not use corrosive or aggressive (scrubbing) agents when cleaning the countertop. Clean your countertop with a soft towel or sponge to avoid scratches as well. Do not hang any wet towels over the cupboard doors.


Instead of repairing

Promptly removing moisture and cooking scraps ensures the mild cleaning agents are enough to clean your kitchen. This prevents the need to use more aggressive cleaning agents.